Stadio Universitate
Ion Campineanu 11, Bucharest
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Stadio Unirii
Unirii 1, Bucharest
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Stadio herastrau
Nordului 7-9, Bucharest
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design, ambiance, taste

The casual design, similar to London’s pubs, is one of the ingredients complimenting our successful recipe. We started by drawing inspiration from 1960’s Italy and managed to build a lovely group of restaurants, located in Bucharest’s most beautiful areas. You can spot us on the ground floor of Union’s historical building, where the Stadio concept was born, in front of the Parliament Palace and in Herastrau Park, the city’s greenest location.

A beautiful story from Bucharest

Our dishes’ delicious taste is not only given by our fresh and high quality ingredients, but also by the passion we display when entering the kitchen every day. That is how we managed to create one of the most requested burgers in Bucharest and a pizza that even the Italians thank us for. We are the perfect place where you can enjoy a hearty vegetarian dish or the absolute breakfast treat. And when it comes to dessert, our papanasi are actually “The papanasi that made us famous”!

Be smart casual!

Come work with us in one of the most beautiful and smart casual restaurants in Bucharest!

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